Use of HALAL Mark











  • RACS Quality makes it clear to its clients that it owns exclusively its Certification Mark of Conformity as part of its certification system, along with RACS QUALITY final Product (the certificate), and its certification scheme and the right to use RACS Mark of Conformity is authorized only to the certified clients who signed the certification agreement and are approved for certification.

  • RACS Quality Certification Mark is granted to Products or services meeting the applicable standards or requirements. It should be very clear that the certification mark will be used exclusively on certified products, so no confusion should happen between certified and non-certified products. Furthermore usage of certification mark should be handled with extra care and attention.

  • RACS Quality assures the controlled and accurate usage of its certification mark by continuous certification auditing, 1st and 2nd year annual surveillance and re-certification audit, besides Market monitoring, in a way that if any Intentional misuse of the mark happen by client necessary corrective actions will be taken on immediate basis.

  • Client using RACS QUALITY Mark of conformity shall fully comply with requirements for the use of 3rd party marks available in ISO/IEC 17030, and ISO Guide 23, and ISO guide 27.

  • RACS Quality entitles its client to use Certification Mark on products covered by the appended license, as approved by RACS for such products in accordance with the standards.

  • RACS Quality entitles its client to use Certification Mark on products covered by the appended license, as approved by RACS for such products in accordance with the standards.

  • The stipulations of the general rules for the applicable certification scheme and all applicable related standards shall apply to the use of Certification Mark.

  • Once Certified, RACS Quality agrees that that the related certified Facilities and products manufactured comply with the requirements of applicable standards specified in the license. Accordingly, it is a recognition and authorization for the applicant to mark the products covered by the license using RACS Quality Certification Mark

  • It is the applicant responsibility to assure that for every and each time the products (for which the license is granted) are available, They should be produced within the same specifications and quality similar to the conditions and samples tested by RACS Quality and found to be in conformity with applicable standards.

  • Printing of certification mark shall be performed within exactly the same presentation listed below (size, colors & dimensions), using materials assuring the accurate and sharp production of the mark.

  • To ensure the above is met, upon approval for certification and prior to issuance of certificate, the certification Mark is handed over to client in a Soft Copy format.

  • Upon signing this certification agreement , applicant declares of fully understanding the requirements, terms and conditions, usage policy of safeguarding RACS Quality Certification Mark and commit to fully comply with them and not to make any statement or act in any way that may be considered misleading. Furthermore, applicant agrees and recognizes the use of its certification mark upon certification approval decision.

  • Promotional and marketing purposes ( either constant : brochures, letterheads, flyers, website, etc…, or variant events : exhibitions ,etc….) using RACS Quality Certification Mark are accepted by RACS Quality with no objection under the condition of providing the certificate no along with the certification mark in case of such activities. This use shall be done within the accepted conditions mentioned above, such advertisements can be placed on display panel of the certified products, on the secondary or packaging , on company publicity materials such as brochures, company profiles, reports, exhibition materials, flyers, banners, roll-ups etc. ,on corporate electronic media such as in website, internet ,on the internal walls and doors of the factory/offices, on company vehicles ,on company communication documents such as letterheads, stationeries etc.

  • RACS will conduct continuous monitoring on certified products to ensure correct use of its Certification Mark.

  • Instructions or other user information accompanying the product and related to the certification scheme shall be approved by RACS

  • In case of any doubts regarding the use of the logo, prior written approval shall be granted by RACS Quality to prevent misuse and subsequent corrective action.